Lagos Center

As soon as you claim your luggage and clear customs, Nike's staff take you to her home on the Lekki Penninsula. There, you can browse the art gallery featuring the whole panoply of Nigerian arts, or see some of the documentaries that have been made about Nigerian culture. While in Lagos, you might want to see the spectacular collection of traditional sculptures and carving in the National Museum, or visit the National Gallery to acquaint yourself with some of the country's modern masterssx. Visit bookstores to buy Nigerian novels or histories or special works on cultural topics (the country has an active publishing industry).

You'll discover a city far more welcoming than the ferocious Lagos of modern myth. It's a Third World megalopolis, all right, and even Nike's authority can't make traffic jams disappear or the electrical system function. No one would ever use words like "pleasant" or "relaxing" in reference to the commercial capital of West Africa, but Lagos is a lively, chaotic, fast-moving city. Your Lagos stay can be as long or as brief as you like. Don't be surprised, though, if you leave Nigeria with a certain fondness and respect for Lagos.

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