Oshogbo Center

In the 1950s, in this small city in the cocoa producing area of Nigeria, a couple of German artists took up residence, and soon gathered about them a troop of traditional craftsmen and artists. The result was a synthesis between Yoruba tradition and the modern world; the Oshogbo School heralded the birth of contemporary African art.

Oshogbo has grown, and is now the capital of the newly created Osun State. Its arts and crafts still flourish alongside the modern conveniences of internet cafes and supermarkets. You’ll stay in the neo-traditional palace that is Nike’s Oshogbo home. Visit artists the workshops and galleries of internationally known figures such as Jimoh Buraimoh, Jacob Afolabi, or Chief Oloruntoba. Apprentice yourself to a cloth dyer, or drummer, or sculptor. Enjoy traditional dances and music in the evening. Wander through the narrow, winding streets of the old city. Explore a traditional market. Visit the Sacred Grove of Osun, the river goddess. You may wish to schedule your visit to coincide with the spectacular Osun Festival in August, when Oshogbo explodes in colorful masquerades.

Chief Nike's workshop in Osogbo, Osun state has trained over 5,000 students in the art of textile. Although most popularly known for the the batik workshops, the centre also offers training in dancing, drumming, preforming arts and study of sculpture. Free shared accommodation is provided for all students. Please download for FAQs.

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